Driving Directions:

The airport is located at 94 Wolcott Rd in Simsbury, CT 06070.  You can find directions using GPS.  If you need narrative directions, click here.

Spectator Parking:  There is plenty of parking available on and near the airport. We provide Handicapped parking close to the airport entry.   Please see the Event Map for parking locations and entry points.  Parking is $10 per vehicle to benefit the Boy Scouts.

Admission to the Event:  There is no admission fee, but we would be grateful for your donation as you enter the venue.  Your donation keeps our airport alive.

Schedule of Activities: Click here for the schedule of activities during the day of the event.

Restroom Facilities:  Portable toilets are available at locations around the airport, including one Handicapped Toilet.  See the Event Map for locations.

Pets:  Yes, we welcome pets, but ask that you keep them on a leash.  We also provide a watering station.

Food Services:  A pancake breakfast is available during the morning hours, starting at 8 AM.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, soda and water are available over the lunch period.  The main food area is directly in front of the main airport hangar.  You will also find ice cream, popcorn, sodas, and other snacks at various locations around the airport.

Aviation Seminars:  We offer a series of free aviation-oriented seminars.  The seminars will be held in a metal hangar near the runway,  the one with the windsock on top.  You can also find its location on the Event Map.  A description of the Seminars can be found here.

Emergencies:  The Show will be staffed by emergency fire and ambulance personnel, as well as by the Simsbury Police, to assist you with any medical or security concerns.