We offer a series professional-quality seminars that are free of charge to spectators.  Each seminar is about one hour in length.  Speakers provide artifacts or audio-visuals, and questions from the audience are encouraged.   Seminars are held in one of the metal hangars to your right as you face the runway: it is marked with signs.  Pilots:  The 1:15 PM seminar qualifies for Wings Credit.

9:30 AM - The Flying Tigers:  Our presenter is Tom Pandolfi, from the New England Air Museum, who is recognized as one of the foremost experts in the history of this famous fighter squadron.  Tom will display  many rare artifacts that he has collected from China, and from veterans of the group.  The Flying Tigers were Americans who volunteered to aid the Chinese in the years prior to World War 2, when China had been overrun by Japan.  They flew the famous shark-teeth P-40 fighter aircraft.  

10:45 AM - Recollections of a B-29 Aviator:  Jack Rodin served during World War 2 as a navigator on the B-29, the largest bomber in that war.  He will recount his experiences in 23 combat missions, flying over the battleship Missouri for the signing of the peace treaty with Japan, and what it was like to fly in that world-changing aircraft.  Jack is sponsored by The Veterans History Project at Central Connecticut State University. 

Noon - Learning to Fly:   This is for everyone who has thought about taking flying lessons.  Steve Smith and Phil Smith will describe what's involved in earning a Private Pilot's license.  Steve and Phil represent our own flight school:  Future Flyers of Connecticut.  The session will cover what happens during in-flight training, the ground school portion of training, the cost, and other aspects of the learning experience.  Lots of opportunity for questions.  

1:15 PM - The Real Story:   The JFK, Jr. Accident:   Steve Demko was an National Transportation Safety Board  investigator for the aircraft accident in which John Kennedy, Jr. lost his life.  He will tell the real story of what happened that night off Cape Cod.  Steve's wife Jill, also from NTSB, will overview the operations of that outstanding organization.  This is a rare opportunity to learn about an event that touched the entire country.