We are proud to offer a series professional-quality seminars that are free of charge to spectators.  Each seminar is about one hour in length.  Speakers often provide artifacts or audio-visuals, and questions from the audience are encouraged.   Seminars are held in two of the metal hangars at the airport: They are identified as Venue A and Venue B, and are marked with signs.   Please take advantage of these excellent presentations.  They will be of interest to the general public as well as to pilots.

Venue A

10:00 AM      Sublect to be determined


11:30 AM       The ADS-B Requirement - Stellar Avionics and Garmin

Our friends from Stellar Avionics will offer their knowledge about the new ADS-B technology that will be required for most aircraft by 2020.  What is ADS-B, how does it work, and what are the choices and costs for installation on an aircraft?  This  will interest anyone who wants an update on the FAA's new air traffic system, or who owns an aircraft.     

1:00 PM         Mark Sullivan -  Pratt and Whitney's History

P&W is one of the world's most iconic aviation companies, headquartered in East Hartford.  Mark Sullivan, formerly its manager of communications, will offer a fascinating description of  how the  company was founded, risked everything to grow, and was decisive in winning World War 2.   It affected the lives and fortunes of many Connecticut residents.  A great local - and national - story presented by someone who knew many  of  the key P&W players.

Venue B

10:00 AM       Jack Rodin - Memories of a B-29 Aviator From World War 2

This seminar is back by popular demand.  Jack, now age 94,  was a B-29 navigator on many missions over Japan, including the very last one of the war.  He flew over the surrender ceremonies on the Battleship Missouri, then had a 40 year career as an engineer at Pratt and Whitney.   Photos, artifacts, and lots of laughs.  You  won't want to miss this one.

11:15 AM       Doug Stewart -  Weather Beyond the Briefing

Doug is nationally known as Executive Director of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educator, and has been named as Flight Instructor of the year.  He has made presentations at many aviation venues including Oshkosh.  This seminar is an in-depth look at aviation weather and how pilots can go beyond the standard briefings to  understand how weather will affect their flight.

12:30 PM       Learning to Fly -  What's Involved? Is It For Me?

This is for everyone who has thought about taking flying lessons.  Steve Smith will describe what's involved in earning a Private Pilot's license.  Steve represents our own flight school,  Future Flyers of Connecticut.  The session will cover what happens during in-flight training, the ground school portion of training, the cost, and other aspects of the learning experience.  Lots of opportunity for questions.  

 1:45 PM         Light Sport Aviation and Training

Light Sport aircraft have made an impact on aviation due to their lower cost and modern designs.  Jim Hamilton is owner of Hamilton Aviation Academy.  He has 50 years of flight  instruction experience,  most recently focused on training new pilots to fly light  sport airplanes.  His presentation will describe light sport aircraft and what's involved in learning to fly them.   One of his goals is to enable pilots to learn on LSA to gain experience, and then to transition to larger aircraft.  Jim's own Sportcruiser aircraft will be on display at the show.