New !!  Lunch Service at Simsbury Airport

Looking for a destination where you can enjoy an interesting lunch?   Simsbury Airport (4B9) is welcoming The Comfort Zone lunch wagon on three Sundays in May and June.  It will be located on the airport grounds to serve a selection of specialty lunches.  The Comfort Zone  has served us at the annual Simsbury Fly-In, to rave reviews.  

The Comfort Zone will be here on Sundays May 21, and on June 4 and 11.   Its hours of operation will be noon to 3 PM. 

Their offerings will include large (4"x4") soft pretzels with a variety of delicious toppings, including choices of Spinach Artichoke, Chili and Cheese, Buffalo Chicken, Sugar and Cinnamon, Garlic Butter, and Plain Salted.  Also available will be Cup of Chili, Mac and Cheeese, assorted soft drinks, and water.  Watch this space for the menu on subsequent days. 

This is a trial run to test interest in this kind of service.  If successful, our plan is to increase the number days and times of operation, and possibly to expand to a variety of lunch wagons  that offer menus of interest. 

Arrivals by Aircraft:  We have plenty of space for transient aircraft.  On landing, you'll see the Comfort Zone lunch wagon parked near the road.  Taxi in that direction and park anywhere convenient.  Stay for a few minutes or a few hours.  If you need to refuel, we have self-serve 100LL at competitive prices, and our pump accepts all major credit cards. 

Arrival by Car:  Free parking is available on the airport property.  Just drive into the main airport entry and follow the yellow tape lines. 

We look forward to your visit.  Enjoy ! 

Simsbury Airport