Bike To The Show From Nearby Parking Sites - Get Free Parking On The Grounds 

This event, and Simsbury Airport, are Bike Friendly.   We proudly support the Town of Simsbury in its efforts to encourage the use of bicycles.   Cyclists are welcome here at any time throughout the year.  

We have set aside a special bicycle parking area at this year's show.  It is adjacent to the Mitchell Auto Group display, and marked by signs.  Cyclists are welcome to park there during the  show.   Mitchell Auto Group will provide security for your bike during the event. 

If you live within biking distance of our show, please go directly to the airport from home.  

Or…. bring your bike into the area by car, and then cycle to the show.   

Mitchell Auto Group  will provide a car parking area at its dealership at 386 Hopmeadow St. in Simsbury.   Bring your bike there, then pedal to the show via the Simsbury Bike Trail which runs directly behind the Mitchell facility.   It is an easy, relatively flat  5.2 mile ride north to several exits near Simsbury Airport.

Both the Simsbury Inn and the 1820 House hotel encourage their guests to bring bicycles and to travel from their parking lots to the Fly-In via the Bike Trail.  Entry to the Trail is near to both hotels.

Regardless of whether your  point of origin is at Mitchell, Simsbury Inn, the 1820 House, or anywhere in the local area, you are welcome to take advantage of the free bike parking area at our show.  You'll be helping to reduce traffic congestion as well as getting some great exercise.