We are proud to offer a series professional-quality seminars that are free of charge to spectators. Each seminar is about one hour in length. Speakers often provide artifacts or audio-visuals, and questions from the audience are encouraged. Seminars are held in two of the metal hangars at the airport: They are identified as Venue A and Venue B, and are marked with signs. Please take advantage of these excellent presentations. They will be of interest to the general public as well as to pilots and car enthusiasts.


10:00 AM Aviation and Car Photography - Advice From A Pro

Bruce Edwards, of TRV Media Group, is a Producer/Photographer who is fascinated with motion, focused on the romance of flight, the drive, the sail, in the quest to capture machine and human merged into emotional experience. His images reach beyond the object, embrace a story and speak to the motion. His work includes underwater footage in the Emmy Award winning program "NBC Dateline - Miracle on the Hudson". View images, get tips and join in Q&A.

11:30 AM Ninety-Nines's - Women Pilots: "Girls Can Fly"

Members of the Connecticut Ninety-Nines: Nina Anderson, retired corporate pilot, and Constance Castillo, manager of the Meriden Markham airport, will give an educational workshop on opportunities for women in the aviation industry and how to achieve your dream to become a pilot.

1:00 PM Dangerous Wake Turbulence Incident - Flight At The Edge Of Control

A first-person description of a serious wake turbulence incident that happened overhead Simsbury Airport, followed by a Certified Flight Instructor's observations about flight near and beyond the normal envelope. An aviation safety lesson because it could happen to you. Presenters are Bill Thomas and CFI Leo Leboeuf.


10:00 AM Cam Jammers Presentation - 1956 Continental MK II

Members of the Cam Jammers Car Club will present a beautifully restored 1956 Continental MK II for your viewing pleasure. You'll learn the history of this great car and how it was restored to its exceptional condition. Lots of time for Q and A. This seminar will be held in front of the seminar venue.

11:15 PM '32 Ford Coupe Radical Pro Street Rod

Here's the story of a 1932 Ford Coupe Radical pro Street Rod. The story about how it was found will amaze the viewers. This presentation is by members of the Cam Jammers Car Club. The car will be displayed in front of the seminar venue where you can see it up close. If you love hot rods, this is the seminar for you. Lots of time for Q and A.

12:30 PM Learning to Fly - What's Involved? Is It For Me?

This is for everyone who has thought about taking flying lessons. Steve Smith will describe what's involved in earning a Private Pilot's license. Steve represents our own flight school, Future Flyers of Connecticut. The session will cover what happens during in-flight training, the ground school portion of training, the cost, and other aspects of the learning experience. Lots of opportunity for questions.

1:30 PM NTSB - Aircraft Accident Investigators In Person

Jill and Steve Demko have years of experience as accident investigators for the National Transportation Safety Board. They will discuss the techniques used by the NTSB, as well as specific aircraft accident investigations in which they have played a role. Of interest to all who are concerned about aviation safety.