We are pleased to offer several exciting aircraft rides during the show.  Rides will be provided continuously throughout the day, except over the noon hour when our runway is closed for other activities.

North American AT-6 “Texan” World War 2 Training Plane:

The AT-6 was the military’s Advanced Training aircraft throughout World War 2.  New pilots learned to fly on smaller aircraft.  When they achieved basic proficiency, they graduated to this more complex trainer.  It was heavier and faster, could do aerobatics, and was closer in performance to the warplanes the pilots would eventually fly in combat.

The AT-6 is powered by a 600 Horsepower Pratt and Whitney R-1340 engine, made in nearby East Hartford.  It weighs over two tons, with a cruising speed of 145 MPH.  More than 15,000 were built.  Many saw service for other countries, especially those of the British Commonwealth.  After World War 2 ended, some were even pressed into service as ground attack aircraft by smaller countries that were unable to afford newer airplanes.

The AT-6 providing rides today is owned and operated by Simmons Aviation, based in Pawcatuck, CT. The price for a 15 minute ride is $375, or $475 for a 30 minute ride. Prices are subject to change based increases/decreases in aviation fuel costs. Rides are for one passenger at a time.

The aircraft will operate from a space at the intersection of the airport runway and taxiway.  You are urged to visit that location as early as possible to sign up for a specific time for your ride.  It’s a great experience !


Helicopter Rides:

We’ll be offering short helicopter rides on both Saturday and Sunday.  Two Robinson R-44 Raven II helicopters will be available for your flight.  The price for a 7-10 minute ride is $55 per passenger.

The R-44 is one of the most produced “choppers” in the world, with almost 6,000 in operation.  It is powered by a Lycoming 0-540 piston engine, a type that is also used in many fixed-wing airplanes.  The R-44 cruises at 125 MPH, and has seats for the pilot and three passengers.  Visibility is outstanding thanks to a huge bubble canopy that allows for an almost unrestricted view of the sky above and earth below.

The R-44's are owned and operated by HTX Helicopters, based at Robertson Airport in Plainville, Ct. Their base of operations at our event is at the south end of the runway, just a short walk from the center of the airport. Please go to that area as early as possible to sign up for a specific time slot for your ride.

If you’ve never been for a helicopter ride, this is your chance!  Enjoy !