If you own an interesting aircraft of any type or vintage, we encourage you to enroll it for judging. We are fortunate this year to have a team of judges who are experienced aircraft restoration specialists from the New England Air Museum. Judging begins at 9AM and continues through the morning as aircraft arrive. The judges will make their final determinations, and award trophies, at 1 PM.

We will present trophies in these categories:

  • Grand Champion
  • Homebuilt Aircraft
  • Antiques (Vintage 1940 and earlier)
  • Vintage 1940 to Present
  • Rotorcraft
  • Light Sport and Ultralight Aircraft
  • Warbirds
  • Special (One aircraft deserving special recognition)

Our judging form can be seen here.

Immediately upon landing, please advise our Unicom talkers that you have an aircraft you wish to display. You will be directed to ground control frequency 123.40 mhz and instructed to follow a Follow Me cart, supported by wing walkers, to our aircraft display area.

After parking your aircraft, you will be given a propeller sleeve to identify yourself and info about your aircraft.