The 28th annual Simsbury Fly-In and Car Show was held this year on Sunday, September 15th from 8 AM to 3 PM.  It was a major success, with an estimated 12,-13,000 spectators, 125 display airplanes and 515 show cars.   We are the largest event of its kind in New England.  This year's special features included:

  • Connecticut Air and Space Center presents the Gustave Whitehead replica aircraft and Andy Kosch's seminar:  "Did he fly before the Wrights?"
  • Cirrus Vision SF50 Jet 
  • Oshkosh Grand Champion Lancair Legacy
  • Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome WW1 Spad and Tiger Moth
  • 1920 Blimp Engine test runs
  •  Formation Flying demonstrations
  •  RE/MAX hot air balloon rides 
  •  Free seminars
  •  Many new car and airplane dealers
  •  Exhibits by local vendors - crafts and services
  •  Breakfast, lunch, Ben and Jerry's, many other great food items.

Our event is held at Simsbury Airport, and is designed so you can see our airplanes and cars up close and talk with their proud owners. Our airplanes range from antiques dating back to the 1920's, to homebuilts, helicopters, small former military aircraft, and brand new models on display by dealers. The Car Show portion of our event features old autos, brand new exotic vehicles, hot rods, muscle cars, ex-military vehicles, and new cars of almost every make. Airplane and car owners are urged to display their vehicles for judging, and we award trophies in many categories.We are the Simsbury Flying Club, and proceeds from this event help keep our airport in operation. We're a non-profit, all-volunteer group, and receive no funding from any governmental agency. Special thanks for assistance by Porter and Chester Institute for our Car Show, to Chapter 324 of the Experimental Aircraft ssociation, and to our many Event Sponsors. This website will provide you with information about our 2013 event, which is representative of a typical show. Please click on the links to the left for details.

Watch this website for information about the 2014 Simsbury Fly-In and Car show, scheduled for Sept 14.